10' Wide add on net

This 10' wide net is the perfect add on for anyone with 2 existing games.  Just slide this net over the flag sticks and be ready for a fast paced game of Footvolley.  Play 1 vs 1 or up to 3 vs 3 and as always never worry about damaging anything around you.

What's included:

  • (1) 10' Wide mesh net (black)
  • (1) 7 Piece 6061 aluminum top pole anodized red & black

Note that this does not include the original game

footvolley is finally here

how to play

1) Pick your teams or do 1 vs 1
2) Volley to see who starts
3) The starting kick will always be kicked off the ground
4) Spiking the starting kick is NOT allowed
5) Teams will alternate starting kicks after 3 serves
6) Each side will be allowed 3 kicks max to get the ball to the other side (no hands)
7) A point is scored when the ball hits the ground on your opponents side
8) First team to 11 wins

how to assemble

Step 1 - Slide each end of the net over the flag poles
Step 2 - Find one of the two poles that has a slot on the end and slide that end in first
Step 3 - Keep adding poles until you are left with the other slotted pole
Step 4 - Face the slot down and put it over the thick part of the flag
Step 5 - Place the other end over the flag as well
Step 6 - Place the velcro strap around the flag (not to tight)
Step 7 - Wrap the other velcro strap around the flag and pull it tight
Step 8 - Play

Watch video

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