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how was soccergolf created

It all started one day when we wanted to find something different to do outside with the kids.  I remembered a while back that I had played a round of Footgolf in Valencia so we decided to look for a course near us.  For those who don’t know Footgolf is a nationally recognized sport where you basically play golf with a soccer ball on a normal golf course.  We found a course in Irvine and played a 9-hole round which the kids really loved.

Soon after, during that “one day” that it rained in California we found ourselves inside wanting to play a game.  We had found an old stuffed soccer ball that Emilio had gotten from Colombia so we started to toss it around the house.  We played a round of “Horse” where we were shooting the ball into the coffee table.  Soon after that we weren’t shooting the ball in anymore, we were kicking it in.  It added a degree of difficulty because the coffee table was about 2 feet tall so you really had to get under the ball to make it in. 

Later that night after we put the kids to sleep Lina and I were trying to see who could kick the ball in from a certain spot.  After about 40 tries Lina made it in first and mentioned that this was kinda like Footgolf.  After she mentioned that, the wheels in my head started to turn and the idea for an above ground hole was born.  The next day I started on the “mark l” prototype which was made from a full size trash can.  Then there was a “mark ll” and a “mark lll” and so on until we landed on “mark Vl” which became the production unit.

the evolution of the soccergolf hole

From coffee table to prototype to production