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Q - What is the best way to contact us?
A - Pick up the phone and call us at (661) 510-6442.  You’ll never get a machine and we’ll always be there to answer any questions.

Q - What if I don’t have time to talk and prefer to text?
A - Then you’re in luck because we have (4) different texting apps that you can use to chat.  Below are the apps that you can text us with.

Text (USA only):  (661) 510-6442
Whatsapp:  (661) 510-6442

Q - What is Soccergolf™?
A - Soccergolf is a game that combines the sport of Soccer with Golf and adds in a bit of your creativity. The winner is the one who has the overall lowest score at the end of 9 or 18 holes. Your score is based on the amount of kicks you used in order to get your Pelota in the hole. The hole we developed is a compact 20 inch mobile system that you can move around in order to create your own course. We also developed a soft style SIZE 5 soccer ball which we call a Pelota. These Pelota's allow you to play indoors/outdoors without having to worry about damaging anything (see below to find out how). Now gather your friends or family and get competitive as you want while you play anywhere.

Q - Is Soccergolf™ the same as Footgolf?
A - No, Footgolf is an internationally recognized sport that uses a regulation #5 soccer ball on a golf course.  Our game allows you to play anywhere since our specially made #5 Pelotas are soft and can be kicked indoors and outside around vehicles. We do have similar rules since both games are based on Golf.

Q - Where can I play?
Soccergolf is made so that you can play anywhere.  However we would not recommend playing underwater because that would be weird and also because the Pelotas float.

Q - Do you have any tournaments?
A - We plan on setting up local tournaments once more people become familiar with the game.  You can check out the latest news tab on the website or through our app for updates.