how to get started

below you'll find the rules for playing soccergolf along with some FAQ's that come up during game play

quick start

quick start steps

Get the box inside

Open the box
Assemble the hole
Put the hole someplace far away
Chip your ball into the hole
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Pick a new starting point or move the hole and play again

official rules

these rules are also shown on our free app

official rules

1 - Decide how many people are going to play (up to 8 max).
2 - Use the free score keeping app and input everyone’s name to keep track of scores.
3 - Each hole will be designed by a single player. And you must go in the order that is shown on the scorecard.
4 - Hole #1 will be designed by player #1.
5 - Player #1 will place the hole anywhere they want.
6 - Player #1 will choose a “kick off” spot that everyone will start from.
7 - Player #1 will then choose the general path that everyone must follow in order to get to the hole. You can also choose to play “free path” which allows all players to take any path
      they want in order to get to the hole.
8 – Player #1 will also determine the par rating for the hole. The par rating is just for fun and will have no impact on who wins.
9 – PAR will be determined by how many kicks it would take in order to get your “Pelota” into the hole. Determine how man kicks it would take to land your Pelota near the hole and then
      add 2 more for the final tap in kicks and use that number for par in the scoring app. The hole shown below would be a par 4.
10 – Hole #2 will be designed by player #2.
11 – Hole #3 will be designed by player #3 and so on until every player has designed a hole.
12 - The order will repeat after everyone has designed a hole.
13 – If two Pelotas come to rest next to each other than one may be moved to allow the other to be kicked. The ball that was moved must be returned to its original spot.
14 – If a Pelota comes to rest in a location where it can’t be kicked than a one stroke penalty will be added so it can be moved to a playable spot. The playable spot should not be any
       closer to the hole then where it’s moved from.
15 – Once a player makes their Pelota into the cup they must remove it so that others can kick without interference from a Pelota sitting inside the cup.
16 – Have a question that is not listed then see the FAQ section. If your questions is still not answered then shoot us a message using any of the messaging apps listed below.
       (Standard messaging rates apply)

     Whatsapp:  949-439-0329
     Skype id:  playsoccergolf   or   + 949-439-0329
     Wechat id:  soccergolf
     Text (USA only):  (949)439-0329

in game faq's

for those moments when you're playing and don't know what to do
these are also shown on our Free app


Q – What’s the best way to kick a Pelota?
A – For a long distance shot you can use a standard soccer kick.  For the precision kicks into the bucket you’ll want to get under the ball and scoop it up or use the “double wedge” two footed method which might take some practice.  You can check out our YouTube page for a video of how to use the “double wedge”

Q – After everyone has kicked off what order should we follow for the next kicks and the rest after that?
A – It’s best to kick in the order that you kicked off from no matter where everyone lands.

Q – My first kick was really wild and I hit a fellow player in the face.  What should I do?
A – Don’t worry about it and play it where it lies.  Our specially made Pelotas are very soft and strong so you could actually play indoor dodgeball if you wanted.

Q – What if my first kick is really bad and I don’t like where it landed.  Can I redo my kick?
A – Unfortunately you need to play that kick.  Sounds like you could use some practice.

Q – What if my Pelota lands on another ball and that ball moves?  Is there a penalty?
A – Of course not.  PLAY ON!

Q – What if my Pelota is next to another ball and that ball is preventing me from kicking my ball?
A – You’re allowed to move another person’s Pelota as long as that ball is put back to its original spot after you kick.  If you want to play like a pro than you can use our custom made black and green clay poker chip ball markers and know exactly where you ball was.  These work great for indoor play when you have more than 2 players.

Q – Can I hit another Pelota on purpose in order to knock them out of a good line?
A – NO!  That type of game play is not allowed.

Q – My Pelota just landed on the table.  What should I do?
A – You can either play it where it lies or move it to the floor and take a one kick penalty.  Note that when you move the ball to the floor your new position can not be any closer to the hole then where it was moved from.

Q – My Pelota just landed next to the wall and I can’t get my foot behind it to kick.  What can I do?
A – You can use the “double wedge” shovel pass method or you can use the top of your foot and strike the top to pull the ball back into a better position.

Q – My ball landed next to the hole and then bounced in.  Does that count as one kick?
A – Yes it does and well played!!