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it's Cornhole for soccer fans


Futbol is the #1 sport in the world, yet when it comes to tailgating & backyard games we're next to last. Hopefully we're about to change that with our 1Touch team edition of Soccergolf™ that comes with (2) complete holes (available here). With these two holes set a minimum of 20 feet apart we created a game similar to cornhole. Except you're allowed to assist your teammates kick with 1touch

Download 1Touch rules


1 – Select two teams with 2 players on each
2 – Place two Soccergolf holes a minimum of 20 feet away from each other.  You can increase the difficulty of the game by placing the holes further away.
3 – Teammates will be kicking towards each other from opposite sides as shown above
4 – Your teammate is allowed to assist your kick with 1touch (no arms)
5 – After one team kicks, their ball must be left where it lies. Even if it lands in the hole the Pelota must remain in the hole
6 – Starting kick will alternate back and forth between the teams as the game progresses
7 – The first team to reach 11 points exactly, wins. If you go over 11 points than you start over with 0 points.
8 – Point system:

      3 points – Hole in one
      2 points – Header assist
      1 point - Assist with any other body part other than your arms (normal Soccer rules)

9 – If you kicked first and scored 11 points exactly than the other team is allowed to kick for a chance to tie if they haven’t kicked yet and their score is within 3 points of 11.
10 – If your team has 9 points and you make a hole in one then you would have to start back at zero for not getting 11 exactly.



How to play

1) Pick your teams or do 1 vs 1
2) Volley to see who starts
3) The starting kick will always be kicked off the ground
4) Spiking the starting kick is NOT allowed
5) Teams will alternate starting kicks after 3 serves
6) Each side will be allowed 3 kicks max to get the ball to the other side (no hands)
7) A point is scored when the ball hits the ground on your opponents side
8) First team to 11 wins


a classic game of trick shots that your friends have to make


H-O-R-S-E is a game played by at least two people.  The idea of the game involves matching shots. The player who makes shots that the opponent does not duplicate, wins the game.

Example: The second person kicking must duplicate the first person's shot, if it is made. If the second kicker misses, he/she receives the letter "H". If the first person's shot is missed, the second shooter may attempt any shot.  If his/her shot is made, the opponent who follows is obligated to duplicate it. Each time a kicker misses a shot that he/she attempted to duplicate, a letter is "awarded".  The game continues until one person is left and all those who have accumulated all 5 letters have been eliminated.

The Rules

1 - The person who will kick first will be determined by random Shots can be attempted from anywhere Shots must always be "called" shots. "Called" shots must be made as the call indicates or counts as a miss. "Called" shots

2 - must be called before the shot.  For instance, let’s say your called shot is off the wall and in.  If your shot bounces off the wall and then bounces on the ground and then goes in.  It would not count because you did not call the additional bounce. 

3 - Trick shots involving spins and ball movement prior to release are not allowed.

4 - No shot may be attempted twice in a row from the same spot to give the opponent 2 consecutive letters. All games will be self-officiated on the honor system.


that's right, now you can play dodgeball indoors and outfront


Pretty simple rules here.  Don't get hit and eliminate all of your opponents!!  Designate an area out front or inside and use as many balls as you have lying around.  Place them all in the center and then let the chaos begin on the count of three.

If you need more ammunition then check out the Dodgeball bundle package in our shop which comes with 8 balls

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new game submissions

If you've come up with a new game that uses the balls or hole then shoot us a message and we'll add it to the list and give you all the credit.