Grey fracture pattern soccer ball with green lettering

This is our newly developed soft style soccer ball which we call a "Pelota". They're specifically made for "Soccergolf" but you can use them for other things. They can be kicked indoors without worrying about your TV or windows. Now there's no guarantee that these won't knock over a small frame or water bottle so you still need to exercise caution while indoors. Outside is a different story because this ball can be used around cars without having to worry about damaging it in any way. Pick that color or pattern that you like best and go play anywhere.

Each Pelota comes with a drawstring carrying bag and ships for FREE

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meet the soccer ball with no boundaries

Official size 5 (22 cm or 8.65 inches in diameter)
All Soccergolf Pelotas are sown with heavy duty thread
Additional uses: Indoor/outdoor home goalie training, Juggling practice and indoor Dodge ball (yes, I said dodge ball)
These Pelota’s can be kicked up to 60-80 feet and are filled with 100% new polystyrene micro snow bead filing.

did you know these balls won't damage cars or windows?

True story!
Don't believe us?
Then check out the video and get ready to be amazed!

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