Soccergolf "a la carte" hole only

If you really want to use a normal soccer ball with our game and don't have any need for our indoor balls then this a la carte version if for you.  We recommend using it at the beach and burying it in the sand to get that "Footgolf" roll and drop experience.

We also offer this "a la carte" version in a 9 hole package for those looking to set up beach tournaments.  Just email us and we'll give you bulk pricing.

Each game set comes with a carrying case and of course the four piece hole system (Pelotas are NOT included with this set)


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game features and details

-Two piece hole system
-Zippered carrying bag that holds everything
-Anodized aluminum flag pole
-Rotating flag (PGA style)
-Official size 5 Pelotas (22 cm or 8.65 inches in diameter)
-All Soccergolf Pelotas are sown with heavy duty thread
-Won’t damage TV’s, windows, cars or your siblings face
-The Pelota’s can be kicked up to 60-80 feet and are filled with 100% new polystyrene micro snow bead filing.

how do I keep score

Not with a pencil and paper!! That would be the old school way of doing things.  How about you join the 21st century and download our free score keeping app.

Android users can download here  ANDROID APP

Apple users can download here  APPLE APP

soccergolf app for keeping score during game play

did you know that these soccer balls won't damage anything

True story!
Don't believe us?
Then check out the video and get ready to be amazed!

watch the video


As you can see from the technical drawing on the right the inside diameter of the hole is 20 inches and and the lip that you need to chip over is 6.5 inches tall.  The flag stick which also doubles as the handle is 3 feet tall and is made from hi grade 6061 aluminum so don't be afraid to toss this thing around because we designed it to take a beating.